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PAGE: HIGHER EDUCATION IN CANADA: COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES A College diploma is your fast and reliable way to get a job and permanent residency in Canada.  What you should know before choosing the college in Canada:  Only graduates from publicly funded colleges are eligible for a Post-Graduate Work Permit  There is no official ranking system for colleges in Canada, so none of them are more “prestigious” than the others  All publicly funded colleges in Canada provide a high-quality education, but may differ in specialization, tuition fee, and the services they provide to their students ​​ CanStart helps you choose the best program to take you where you want to go. YOU CAN COUNT ON US WITH:  Selection of the best program for you  Assistance with the application and supplementary documents  All communication with educational institutions on behalf of the client/student  Advise on scholarships, bursaries and other financial assistance  Immigration supports: visa, study and work permit (link to the Immigration)  Settlement supports: custo

dianship, housing, airport reception (link to supports)