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Learn French in Canada

French is not only spoken in France. Many countries in the world have French as their first or second official language, such as Belgium, Switzerland, Luxemburg and others. Knowing French opens many exciting opportunities because French is:

  • Second widely learned language after English

  • Third language of the Internet, after English and German, ahead of Spanish

  • Sixth most widely spoken language in the world


Canada offers two in one: you can learn two languages - English and French - from native speakers in one country. Canada is the only country that offers a truly bilingual experience in English and French.

Besides the obvious advantage of expanding your cultural horizons, fluency in French brings very practical benefits for those who have chosen to study and live in Canada:

  • Post-secondary Education: many Canadian universities offer a 50% discount on tuition fees for students who take courses in English and French

  • Employment: some companies pay 15% more to bilingual employees; many Federal Government jobs are open only to fully bilingual individuals

  • Immigration: fluency in French and English adds up to 24 points to your Express Entry immigration profile and increases your chances in provincial nominee programs


CanStart Group invites you to join more than 700 ,000 people around the globe who are learning French now.

Learn French - Start with Canada
  • Preparation for standard French tests

  • French for Academic Purposes

  • Special training in French grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension, and pronunciation

  • Conversation circle programs

  • Bilingual programs (French & English)

from $320 CAD; Montreal, Quebec City

French for Adults:

  • High School Program in French

  • Summer Schools for Teens (link to Edu-Intern Summer School Page on this site)

  • Winter Holidays and March Break for Teens in Quebec City

from $300 CAD; Montreal, Quebec City

French for Teens:

  • Take your family to experience Quebec, a unique province where Europe meets with America, and learn French.

  • 15+ hours of French per week for all or select family members

  • Hotel accommodation, student or private residence*(some conditions apply)

  • Afternoon and weekend activities

  • Available throughout the calendar year.

Quebec City

French for Families:

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