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Braemar International College

Summer School with Braemar College

Summer Schools In Canada

Summer School with Braemar College

  • Toronto, ON

  • 13-20 year old

  • 4 weeks         

  • 7 weeks         


Opportunity to receive a high school credit after the 7-week program!


The authentic experience of studying in a Canadian High School!

  • 30 academic hours in class per week!

  • Courses on Mathematics, Drama, English through Arts, English Literature

  • Homestay accommodation with a 3 meals plan

  • Visa support

  • Teaching materials

  • Health insurance

  • Chaperon and custodianship services during the trip

  • Public transportation

  • Tours to colleges & universities in Ontario

  • Trips and activities: Niagara Falls, Wonderland, Hawkstone Beach, Graduation Ceremony


  • 5 trips as a gift from CanStart!

    • Royal Ontario Museum

    • CN Tower

    • Ripley Aquarium

    • Toronto Zoo

    • Casa Loma

Braemar International College

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