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Blyth Academy is a private high school in Ontario with ten campuses. Each school is designed to be a community of 100-200 students and has truly small class sizes. Blyth Academy offers a comprehensive full-time program, as well as night school, private courses, summer school, and online classes.

Best known for:

· Multiple campuses across the Greater Toronto Area (5 campuses) and the province of Ontario

· Special Sport education programs in hockey and other field sports

· Canadian International Hockey Academy (CIHA)

· Advanced Placement Programs in several subjects

· Summer school in more than 30 countries

· Global High School program: one semester for Grade 11 students in Europe or Australia & New Zealand

The best option for those who:

· An independent and eager to study high school student

· Want to combined study and playing competitive hockey

· A single child or siblings who will be accompanied by one of their parents

· Elementary school children accompanied by one of their parents

· Prefer to study in a small friendly environment, often outside of a hustle of a big city

Campuses: Toronto, Whitby, Ottawa,


Homestay only

Cost (depends on a campus):

1 semester – from $$10,000.00 CAD (including health insurance)

2 semesters – from $20,000.00 CAD (including health insurance)

Registration Fee (non-refundable) - $350 CAD


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